Micellar/Bio-Micellar Catalysis and Organometallic Chemistry

  • Micellar/Bio-Micellar catalysis
  • Green & sustainable Chemistry
  • Organometallic/Nanocatalysis
We are a young interdisciplinary research group working on green and sustainable catalysis. The long-term goal of green and sustainable chemistry is not only the modification of existing chemical process, but the current requirement is also decreasing the waste generation through innovation, not just modification. Micellar catalysis is an enabler to perform chemistry in water under very mild conditions thus mimicking Nature. Therefore, we are interested to innovate new micelles or catalysts (nanocatalysts or organometallic) to perform chemistry in water and detail mechanistic investigation. We are also interested to bridging the gap between micellar catalysis with bio-catalysis for useful chemical transformations. We are also keen to explore heterometallic metal-metal or metal-micelles synergistic effect and their application in multicomponent reactions in water. The research based on micellar catalysis/nano catalysis involves extensive synthesis and characterization of catalysts and products using various spectroscopic and imaging techniques.

Representative Publications