Courses in the August 2020 semester

Info updated: 31st July 2021

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  • The classes will run online on Microsoft Teams. Click on the links in the table below to join the lecture meeting.

Course Title Instructors Days / Time slot / Venue Starts on
CD212 (3:0) Inorganic Chemistry - Main group and Coordination Chemistry E. D. Jemmis, A. Mondal MWF/11-12/Online 2nd Aug
IP203 (3:0) Group Theory and Molecular Spectroscopy E. Arunan MWF/9-10/Online 6th Aug
IP214 (2:1) Crystallography for Chemists M. Nethaji TTh/10-11:30/Online 12th Aug
IP311 (3:0) Bio and Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry G. Mugesh TTh/3:30-5 pm/Online 5th Aug
IP312 (3:0) Advanced Organometallic Chemistry P. Thilagar, B. R. Jagirdar MWF/11-12/Online 6th Aug
CD211 (3:0) Physical Chemistry I — Quantum Chemistry and Group Theory U. Harbola MWF/8-9/Online 4th Aug
UC206L (0:1) Basic Organic Chemistry Lab Mrinmoy De and S. Ramakrishnan MTWTh/2-5 pm 16th Aug
UC301 (0:1) Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Lab P. Thilagar M/AN 23rd Aug
UC/CD402 (3:0) Molecular Spectroscopy, Dynamics and Photochemistry S. G. Ramesh MWF/10-11/Online 4th Aug

Courses typically offered in the Jan 2021 term

Course Title Instructors Days / Time / Venue Starts on
UC103T (2:0) Basic Inorganic Chemistry (Lecture) D. Das
UC103L (0:1) Basic Inorganic Chemistry (Lab)
IP322 (3:0) Polymer Chemistry
IP323 (3:0) Topics in Basic and Applied Electrochemistry
CD224 (2:1) Computers in Chemistry
UC204 (2:0) Inorganic Chemistry: Chemistry of Elements K. Geetharani
UC301 (0:1) Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Lab
UC303 (3:0) Basics of Organometallic Chemistry
UC207T (2:0) Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis (Lectures)
UC207L (0:1) Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis (Lab)

Other courses periodically offered by IPC faculty

Course Title Instructors Days / Time slot / Venue Starts on
IP314 (3:0) Ultrafast Optics and Spectroscopy A. Bhattacharyya
CD225 (0:4) Physical and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Multiple faculty
IP324 (3:0) Photophysics and Photochemistry: Fundamentals and Applications S. Umapathy
IP321 (3:0) Spectroscopy and Astrochemistry E. Arunan
IP326 (3:0) Time-dependent Statistical Mechanics B. J. Cherayil
CD221 (3:0) Physical Chemistry II: Statistical Mechanics Various faculty