Courses in the 2023-24 academic year

Info updated: 29th Dec 2023

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IPC courses offered in January 2024

Course Title Instructors Days / Time / Venue Starts on
IP322 (3:0) Polymer Chemistry S. Ramakrishnan MWF / 11am - 12pm / AG07 3rd Jan 2024
IP323 (3:0)** Topics in Basic and Applied Electrochemistry S. Sampath, C. Ranjan First meeting / 11:30 AM / IPC Office 1st Jan 2024
IP327 (3:0) Chemical Dynamics E. Arunan, Srihari Keshavamurthy* TTh / 10am - 11:30am / A104 2nd Jan 2024

* Visiting professor

** Interested students must first email the course instructors ( and

IPC courses offered in August 2023

Course Title Instructors Days / Time Venue Starts
IP203 (3:0) Group Theory and Molecular Spectroscopy A. Thomas MWF / 10:00-11:00 AG07, CSB 2nd Aug
IP311 (3:0) Bio and Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry G. Mugesh, S. Sandya MWF/9:00-10:00 A104, CSB 2nd Aug
IP312 (3:0) Advanced Organometallic Chemistry P. Thilagar MWF / 11:00-12:00 AG07, CSB 7th Aug
IP330 (3:0) Special Topics in Physical Chemistry Srihari Keshavamurthy* TTh / 10:00-11:30 AG07, CSB 1st Aug

* Visiting professor