Ultrafast Chiroptical Spectroscopy and Dynamics:
From Biomolecules to Advanced Materials

Chirality is emerging as the new frontier in chemistry, physics, and material sciences. Chirality plays a key role in asymmetric chemical synthesis and governs biomolecular functions such as protein-drug binding and enzymatic catalysis. Several modern emerging research thrusts in materials chemistry engage chiral nanomaterials and chiral plasmonics for efficient solar light harvesting, enantioselective photocatalysis, and spin-based devices. Despite its paramount importance, however, the role of ultrafast chiral light-matter interactions in photoinduced processes is not well-understood.

The overarching goal of our research group is to probe chiral light-matter interactions at ultrafast timescales and leverage them to address pressing challenges in plasmonics, quantum spintronics, and biophysics. Towards these goals, we develop and apply novel chirality-sensitive optical techniques such as broadband femtosecond circular dichroism spectroscopy to investigate photoinduced chirality, spin, and magnetism and their interplay in chemical, biological, and materials systems to address. These studies promise to bring novel new insights about chiral-optical and related magneto-optical dynamics in excited electronic states and will be of great significance for understanding biomolecular dynamics, plasmonic energy harvesting and improving spintronics functions.

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Representative Publications