The IPC department is organizing a one-day online symposium on 17th July 2021 in honour of Prof. A. G. Samuelson (Professor, IPC and Dean, IISc). The programme for the symposium with links is given below. The scientific programme and abstract book are available to download.

All the talks and felicitation will be held on Microsoft Teams. Update: The recordings of each session are available to watch again. Please click on the session number/felicitation in the table below to view them.

All are cordially invited. Please feel free to share this webpage with anyone who may be interested in attending the symposium, felicitation and social gathering.

Time Speaker Title
Session 1: 09:00 — 10:25       Chairs: Prof. V. Krishnan and Profs. A. R. Chakravarty, IPC, IISc
09:00 — 09:05 Prof. E. Arunan
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
09:05 — 09:35 Prof. Alan. S. Goldman
Rutgers University, USA
Catalytic transformations of hydrocarbons by pincer-Iridium complexes: New approaches, new reactions
09:35 — 10.00 Prof. N. Narasimha Murthy
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Ligand controlled structure, spectroscopy and oxidation reactions of 3d-metal complexes
10:00 — 10:25 Prof. J. B. Baruah
Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
Reactivity and in-situ transformations of selected nitrogen donor ligands and their first row transition metal complexes
Session 2: 11:00 — 12:40       Chairs: Prof. S. S. Krishnamurthy and Prof. K. L. Sebastian, IPC, IISc
11:00 — 11:30 Prof. Kumaravel Somasundaram
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Cancer stem cells: understanding tumor hierarchy and heterogeneity
11:30 — 11:50 Prof. C. Sivasankar
Pondicherry University, Pondicherry
Copper in nitrogen and carbene chemistry: Catalysts or co- catalysts
11:50 — 12:10 Prof. Akshai Kumar
Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
Synthesis of speciality chemicals via catalytic transformations by pincer-metal complexes
12:10 — 12:40 Prof. Gernot Frenking
Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany
Chemical bonding and valence
Lunch Break
Session 3: 14:00 — 16:10       Chairs: Prof. E. D. Jemmis and Prof. S. Vasudevan, IPC, IISc
14:00 — 14:30 Prof. Felix Tuczek
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany
A Chatt-type catalyst with a Single Coordination Site for Dinitrogen Reduction to Ammonia
14:30 — 14:55 Prof. J. K Bera
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Ligand Electronic Asymmetry in Organometallic Catalysis
14:55 — 15:20 Prof. S. Ramakrishnan
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Strategies for reducing length scales of microphase separation and more
15:20 — 15:40 Dr. S. Dinda
Schrödinger Inc., Hyderabad
Catalyst Design using molecular modelling and data-driven approach
15:40 — 16:05 Prof. P. K. Das
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
The story of ferrocene
16:05 — 16:10 Prof. P. Thilagar
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Vote of thanks
Session 4: 16:30 — 18:30       Felicitation of Prof. A. G. Samuelson
Session 5: 19:00 — 21:00       Social Gathering on Gather-Town.