Giving Back to the Society

Photo (L to R): Ms. Seema Gopal Jere (daughter), Mrs. Meenaxi Jere (wife),
Prof. V. Krishnan (a junior to Prof. Jere in the lab), Prof. E. Arunan (Chair, IPC),
Mr. Siddesh Gopal Jere (son) and Prof. Narendra Dixit (Chem. Eng, IISc).

November 2022

Family members of Prof. Gopal Jere, former Professor at the Department of Chemistry at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi visited the Department in November 2022. They donated rupees five lakhs to support one summer research fellowship for a deserving student. Prof. Jere did his Ph.D. at IPC with the group of Prof. C.C. Patel during 1956-62. IPC thanks the family for this generous donation.