Light-Matter Strong Coupling, Mueller Polarimetry

Our group focuses on two emerging areas of Chemistry (i) the strong light-matter coupling of molecules and materials and (ii) the chiroptical studies using Mueller polarimetry as the tool. The thrust of the activities will be on understanding the chemistry of molecules and materials under strong light-matter coupling conditions wherein the electronic/vibrational transitions are hybridised to the vacuum states of the confined electromagnetic field and the resulting quantum interactions modify the matter properties, opening up a new landscape for chemical processes. Mueller polarimetry gives the measure of the transformation of the incident polarization of light by an optically active medium. A unique feature of the technique is that it can be used to extract artifact-free circular dichroism (CD), linear dichroism (LD), circular and linear birefringence from a single experiment which is useful towards understanding the chiroptical properties of molecules and their dynamic assemblies.

Representative Publications