New Email Accounts and Email Account Closure

All IIScians are generally expected to have and use an email account with the suffix. These accounts are actually created and closed by DIGITS, IISc.

In this page, there are web-forms that help a new IPCian to request a new email account, or an IPCian who is leaving to notify the sys admin and faculty in-charge of their departure.

Creation of new IISc email accounts for IPCians:

  • For new PhD and Int PhD students, email accounts are automatically created by DIGITS, IISc, a few days after they actually join the department. The students should check their personal email addresses for the login link. (The mail may be in spam folder.) If you do not see such an email, please get in touch with the dept sys admin.
  • For new project assistants, post-docs, and research associates, accounts are not created automatically. Please fill the form (link below) to request creation of an account.
  • After filling the form you must meet the IPC Sys Admin, whose office is the the IPC library, with a proof of joining the dept (typically, a copy of the joining letter signed by your advisor). The Sys Admin will check your submission details and forward your request to the DIGITS team to create the account.
  • It may take a few days before your account is created by DIGITS. Please be patient.

Click here to go to the account creation request form.

Check back here in a few days for the procedure to do the first login.

Closure of IISc email accounts belonging to IPCians:

This applies to all IPC students, project assistants, post-docs, research associates when they are leaving the dept.

  • Account closure after a finite time (typically, up to 6 months from departure) is important:
    • If not done, each year there will be about 20-30 derelict email accounts from this department, unused and abandoned. In addition, there will be abandoned cloud storage space. This is highly undesirable.
    • Software licenses are attached to each account — paid licenses that each IIScian has enjoyed, whether or not they know it, during their stay on campus.
    • In about one year's time, the account holder will find the IISc account redundant.
  • It is important that you intimate not just the IPC department office, but also the sys admin / faculty in-charge, of your departure from the IPC Dept.
  • Those who leave without informing the sys admin / faculty in-charge make it very difficult for the latter. And in turn for the IISc central mail system administrators. This is avoided by filling in the form below.
Therefore ...
  • All students, project assistants, research associates, and post-docs leaving the department are required to fill the account closure request form (link below) a few days before they leave. It would take 2 mins to fill the form.
  • After submitting the form, please briefly meet/call the sys admin or faculty in-charge. This will keep us notified.
  • The account will be completely and irretrievably closed anytime after the date entered in Q6 of the form above. An email will be sent to the account holder a few days before the final deletion request is sent by from IPC to DIGITS.
  • It is the reponsibility of the account holder to transfer all important emails/files from the account to another place before that time. (A bulk transfer in not possible.) If they need more time to do this, they may write to the faculty in-charge / sys admin for an extension.
  • Finally, if you have an account on the IPC computational cluster (troglodyte), you must meet Sai Ramesh before you leave.

Click here to go to the account closure request form.


If you have any queries, please email or meet Imran Khan (sys. admin.; or Sai Ramesh (faculty in-charge;