TEM Facility
Sample Analysis Using 200 kV FETEM (Chemical Sciences Division)

Options Available

Normal TEM imaging
  1. Bright Field
  2. Dark Field
  3. HRTEM
  4. Diffraction
EDS with TEM mode
Normal STEM imaging
  1. HAADF
  2. Bright Field
  3. Dark Field
EDS with STEM mode
  1. Line EDS
  2. Point EDS
  3. Area Mapping

Information for users

  1. We accept samples for analysis on payment basis
  2. Send an e-mail to balaji.jagirdar#gmail.com (replace # with @) to enquire about the charges applicable for various options as detailed above
  3. D/D drawn in favour of "Registrar, I.I.Sc." and payable at Bangalore must accompany the sample(s)
  4. Samples MUST be submitted on appropriate TEM grids; grid details should be given
  5. Details about the samples have to be provided
  6. Options required should be clearly mentioned
  7. Charges quoted are per sample
  8. E-mail address should be given; data will be e-mailed