Mid-Year 2019 PhD Admissions

Click here to view the list of candidates recommended for admission to the PhD programme at the IPC Department, after the Dean's approval.

IISc Annual Alumni Reunion 2019

The annual event will be held on 14th and 15th December 2019 at the J. N. Tata Auditorium. Alumni of IISc are invited to participate. Further details and the registration link may be found here .

Project Positions

A project position is available in the field of Electrochemistry in the CR group. The details may be found here. The deadline for applications in 30th November 2019.

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  • Nov 2019: Dr. K. Geetharani would be joining the Early Career Advisory Board of Chemistry — An Asian Journal, starting from 2020. Congratulations, Geetha!
  • Nov 2019: Prof. G. Mugesh has received the 11th Infosys Award in Physical Sciences. The award recognizes "his seminal work in the chemical synthesis of small molecules and nanomaterials for biomedical applications." Congratulations, Mugesh!
  • Sep 2019: Dr. Namrata Singh from the Mugesh group has been awarded the IIT Bombay Metrohm Young Chemist Award 2019 for Innovation in Research. The award was given for her research on uncovering the role of an antioxidant nanozyme that provides cytoprotection in Parkinson’s Disease model. Congratulations, Namrata!