Post Doctoral Students

radhika Dr. Radhika (2022- )

PhD "Ecole Polytechnique, France"
Research Interest "Electronic Structure of Molecules" sravan Dr. Sravankumar (2020- )

PhD "IISc Bengaluru"
Research Interest "Pseudo-Aromatic Compounds" remya Dr. Remya (2020- )

PhD (2012-18) "CSIR-NIIST Thiruvananthapuram"
Post Doc (2019) "International Institute of Information Technology Bengaluru"
Research Interest "Mechanistic Studies of Catalytic Reaction"

PhD Students

Sandeep Sandeep Kumar (2014- )

M.Sc. (2011-13) "University of Delhi"
Research Interest "Novel Ideas in Structure and Bonding in Main-Group Chemistry" Rinku Rinkumoni Chaliha (2016- )

M.Sc. (2014-16) "Tezpur University"
Research Interest "Boron Rich Solids"

Integrated PhD Students

Gaurav Gaurav Joshi (2017- )

B.Sc. (2013-16) "Kirorimal College (DU)"
Research Interest "Methane Activation"

Project Students

Simantini Simantini Paul (2021- )

Research Interest "Boron Cluster"

Previous Students

Former PhD Students

Former MS project students

Former Post Doctoral Fellows and Senior Associates