1. IP 322 Polymer Chemistry


Concepts and terminology. Principles of polymerization - chain versus step growth process. Kinetics of chain polymerization process, estimation of various rate constants. Determination of molecular weight of polymers and their distribution. Characteristics and mechanisms of various chain polymerizations - radical, cationic, anionic, Ziegler-Natta and ring opening metathesis polymerizations. Living polymerizations - criteria for livingness, newer methods for living polymerizations - GTP, ATRP and TEMPO-mediated radical polymerizations. Copolymerization - random, alternating and block copolymers and kinetic schemes for analysis of copolymerization. Microstructural analysis of polymers - estimation of regio- and stereo-regularity in polymers, sequence distribution in copolymers etc., and mechanisms for stereo-regulation. Molecular structural elucidation of polymers by NMR.


Flory P.J., Principles of Polymer Chemistry.
Odian G., Principles of Polymerization.
Sawada M., Thermodynamics of Polymerization.