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date, Sep 29, 2010 at 2:12 PM

subject Let no Indian fall at another's feet.


Dear Sir,

I was fortunate to watch the inaugural programme of the prestigious Unique Identity (UID) project this afternoon on live TV. The government has chosen to start this project from Tembhali village and the first UID numbers have been given to the laborers from the tribal area. While I was delighted at this symbolic gesture from the Government, I was deeply saddened to see the first few recipients falling at the feet of our Honorable Prime Minister and the leader of UPA Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

I am convinced that neither our PM nor Mrs. Gandhi would have asked our fellow Indians to kneel before them and they may have done it on their own volition.  However, in functions like this which is telecast live all over India, and may be the globe, it is not enough if our leaders do not ask participants not to fall at their feet.  The participants should be advised, and if needed ordered, not to do this. Dr. Manmohan Singh has proven himself to be a man of simplicity and very high integrity and I am sure he would have been embarrassed by this act. Prime Minster is not doing a favor to any fellow citizen by handing out the UID number.  It is the responsibility of any civil society and government to treat all its citizens with respect.  I must add that it is not at all surprising, having seen these acts even at gathering of scientists, the so called educated elite, in India. However, only when every Indian can feel proud about being an Indian and holding his/her head high, irrespective of region, religion, colour, caste, creed,
income, language, etc... We would have achieved a civilized nation.

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