The Editor,
The Hindu,

Dear Editor,

This refers to the opinion of Judge Katju published in The Hindu today. Lately, many of the comments made by our former Supreme Court Judge, Justice Markandeay Katju surprise me. 'No one is above law' is as true as 'The King can do no wrong'. I would interpret the 'King can do no wrong' as a message to the King that he can do no wrong rather than as a message to the legal system that no matter what the King does, do not touch him. I wonder if Judge Katju read reports which pointed out that the Pakistan Supreme Court had quoted Indian courts in pronouncing the judgement. I am sure Justice Katju is aware of the impeachment of President Nixon and the Allahabad court judgement that led to the dark chapter in Indian history. Perhaps he wanted the Allahabad Judge not to touch Indira Gandhi. The esteemed Judge's opinion can only be interpreted by the leaders as a license to kill and I find it rather unfortunate.