The purpose of these lectures is to emphasize recent developments in the literature and so the material  is usually not available in text books or might even contradict popular opinions one has grown with. However, they are given at a  level that college lecturers in refresher courses can follow and share it with students. In some cases, there are lecture notes available.
Lecture Title
Overview of Asymmetric Catalysis 4 Recent progress in this area (2001-present)
Unusual Coordination Complexes of  Transition metal ions 3 A collection of unusual molecules and how one can understand the bonding in these molecules.
Molecules that walk, talk and dance 1 Examples of fluxional molecules, those that signal changes in pH, light and heat.
Computational Chemistry  4 A primer on free software available on the net and how it can be of use to the chemist (2001- present)
Mechanistic Studies in Organometallic Chemistry 6 Basic reaction types and mechanisms in organometallic chemistry
Bonding Models in Inorganic Chemistry >10 VSEPR, MOT, and CFT for understanding the interaction of atoms in many inorganic compounds.