CSB Lecture Halls

This page is obsolete. Please visit the new site here to make new bookings.

Halls and rooms available in Chemical Sciences Building (CSB)
  • AG02/03 - 100 seats; For invited lectures, seminars, colloquia and class strength above 30 students.
  • AG09/11 - 70 seats, 10 ft. chalkboard; For seminars, colloquia and class strength above 30 students.
  • AG04 - 40 seats, 8 ft. whiteboard; For regular classes.

Lecture Hall Booking Status

The following tables may be consulted before raising a booking request. Requirements shall be sent by a faculty member to the respective department offices. At least one working day advance intimation is required to confirm the booking schedule. Entry in the table acts as booking confirmation and email acknowledgement is normally not sent. These tables show only the booked status. Other details (course number, lecture topic, etc.) shall be available on department websites and other sources. Regular classes do not carry buffer time. For other events, a 15 - 30 minutes buffer time shall be included.

 Lecture Hall AG02/03  

 Lecture Hall AG09/11  

 Class Room AG04