Welcome To Dr. P Thilagar's Research Group

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Wet Chemistry Laboratory

Research in our group is highly interdisciplinary, involving aspects of organic, organometallic, polymer and Nanomaterials chemistry. We are involved in the design and synthesis of new molecules/materials containing p-block elements for the potential application in the field of Catalysis, Molecular Electronics and Chemosensory materials. Our laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to carry out all type of chemical and materials synthesis. Four port Glove box Fume hood, non-grease special Schlenk lines to carry out air and moisture sensitive reactions. Immersion coolers (up to -120 degree) to carry out low temperature reactions. Rotary evaporators, water circulation systems, high pressure reactors, Programmable hydrothermal oven, solvent distillation setup, microwave oven, refrigerators, hot-air oven, vacuum pumps, sonicator, balances, orbitalshaker, HPLC are available.

Chemical Biology Laboratory

We are also involved in exploiting the Lewis acidity of tricoordinated boron for the development of boron based proteasome inhibitors (BPI) and understanding the differences in the catalytic activity of multiple proteolytic sites in both eukaryotic and bacteria proteasomes. Our long range goals to utilise the acquired knowledge to design novel BPIs to control proteasome activities in specific diseases. We are also actively pursuing design and development of boronopeptides and their role as antibacterial and diabetes wound healing drug molecules. Recently we had set up Chemical/micro/molecular biology laboratory with facility to handle both bacterial and mammalian cells. Our lab facilities also include, biosafety cabinet,CO2-incubator, electrophoresis, refrigerated centrifuge, Liquid N2 storage container, Cryocan, Gel-doc, blotting, fluorescence microscope, orbital shaker, deep freezer, freezes ( -50, -20 and 4 degree), stirrers, vortex mixer, autoclave etc.